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Milwaukee Wisconsin sm guy looking for long term play

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Or perhaps an out-of-towner has asked you where they could find the nearest water fountain, and you were momentarily puzzled, picturing a statue of a little boy peeing. For some strange reason, the thing seemingly every other state in the nation calls a drinking fountain or a water fountain gy a bubbler to us.

The explanation for this linguistic phenomenom, which is almost exclusive to the Badger State, actually makes a lot of sense. We call drinking fountains bubblers for the same looklng everyone calls tissues Kleenex and inline skates Roller Blades — good branding.

Back ina man named Harlan Huckleby designed the very first bubbler. It had a spout that shot a little stream of water about an inch in the air so people could slurp it up. The device was picked up and patented by what was then Wiscknsin Milwaukee Wisconsin sm guy looking for long term play Water Works and today is the plumbing fixture giant Kohler Company of Kohler, Wisconsin. Kohler also gave the new product its name and The Bubbler was born.

The original Milwaukee Wisconsin sm guy looking for long term play was modified after several years to shoot water in an arc instead of straight up.

One of the problems with the early bubbler was public health concern. But some of the original Bubbler designs still exist. You can find some near the Wisconsin State Capitol building in Madison. If you like living on the edge — go trm and take a sip.

People really liked drinking out of these newfangled faucets, and soon copycats WWisconsin.

Milwaukee Wisconsin sm guy looking for long term play However, those competitors needed to come up with different names because Kohler had trademarked The Bubbler. Kohler still makes and markets The Bubbler. Allowing more and more young people to experience embarrassing moments when they attend college out of state. That explains why drinking fountains are called bubblers in most of Wisconsin. The real mystery is why a few other locations in the United States — and yes, even on the opposite end of the Earth — share this anomaly of dialect with us.

Those hipsters in Portland, Oregon are also quite familiar with the term. Apparently there is a large collection of so-called Benson Bubblers in the city, which are considered icons. Go to Boston, Massachusetts or talk to folks in Rhode Island and they may also consider calling thirst-quenching fountains bubblers completely normal.

Milwaukee Wisconsin sm guy looking for long term play

Strangest of all is the fact that most of our friends from Down Under adopted the same term as the rest of us Cheeseheads. Check out this article from ABC in New South Wales in which the reporter compares the quality of bubbler water and bottled water. Click Here to Get This T-shirt! An entire country, a continent even, can prove the rest of America wrong! Take pride in knowing that a unique, perhaps world-changing product, was conceived, designed and masterfully marketed to the masses right here in your home state.

You can also subscribe by Milwaukee Wisconsin sm guy looking for long term play so you never miss anything. Email Address. Ok here is my bubbler story. I grew up in Madison and when I was 16 I moved to California. Black girls Stamford Connecticut porn was shopping at a local department store called Hinshaws and started to get thirsty.

I walked up to one of the clerks who was working at one of the registers and asked her where the bubbler was. I remember being angry at my first grade teacher at that moment for teaching me a term that not everyone knew! Oh, those first grade teachers!

Milwaukee Wisconsin sm guy looking for long term play

Must have been pretty embarrassing as a year-old. Another time when I asked where it was at a different Pick N Save: I told her Indiana. She then made a rude dig about Indiana. All I did was ask her where the water fountain was. Sorry that happened to Wisxonsin, but hey there are mean and rude people every where, soulds like you ran in to every single one in wisconsin. If you have askd me, I might have laughed a little and told you where it was, unless you Wisclnsin to Milwaukee Wisconsin sm guy looking for long term play mean back Girls fucking in Hawsh Hal Nasir let you have an ear full, wisconsin people are very loud when it Wisconsib to rude people, maybe it was he why you were acting to get such mean things said back.

The Real Reason Why We Call it a 'Bubbler' in Wisconsin

That might have to do with what part of the state you live in. If you live in western WI — far fewer people use that Milwaukee Wisconsin sm guy looking for long term play. But just about everyone on the eastern half — from Milwaukee on up — does. I thought it was called a Bubbler because it was a continuously-running water fountain! Thanks for checking us out! Now if you Free mature Daizhi just tell me what a spiggot is!

I never asked where the bubbler was again. I moved back here to Milwaukee when I was 18!

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I was only a kid and it was horrifying to being treated like a freak! But I will kindly point others toward a bubbler. Funny story Deb! On the first day of school, a seventh grader asked me if he could go to the bubbler.

Girls in the boat: Sex differences in rowing performance and participation

I did not want to let a seventh grader know that I did not know what a bubbler was, so I wrote him a pass to the bubbler. That was my introduction to the term. She said the first she had heard it was when she moved to Milwaukee to teach in Never heard it called anything else but a bubbler until I was nine. Everyone laughed Milwaukes I called it bubbler in Kansas. Made me laugh. Hey I went to school in Tulsa too Jared! Should have looling the t-shirt thing.

Search Vip Sex Milwaukee Wisconsin sm guy looking for long term play

Would have saved me some humiliation. Well maybe not in the short-term but in the long run. I grew up in Milwaukee and moved to Los Angeles at Same story—no one knew what a bubbler was.

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We had a white, porcelain bubbler in the hallway. It is definitely a regional thing.

I grew up in Fond du Lac and went to college in La Crosse and used the term there. They Milwaujee at me like I was from another planet.

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Yes — the closer you get to Minnesota — the less people use it. What you have to ask yourself, Dan, is are you more Minnesotan or Wisconsinite?

I am 63 yrs old and I live in La Crosse and it was always called a bubbler. It is still a bubbler to me and always will be.

I do not know who you asked in La crosse but they might not have been brought up around here or is pretending to not know,LOL. I grew up in La Crosse. I always called it a bubbler, too, until I moved to California. My adult Californian friends had no clue what either word meant.

Dan — Lonng I also grew up in Fond du Lac and went to college in La Crosse. I remember being a freshman asking for a bubbler and so many of my new friends thought I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. Small world!! SODA, dammit. I have lived here since and still do.

A customer came up one day and Milwaukee Wisconsin sm guy looking for long term play me Adult xxx in Huntsville fla the bubbler was located. Both the customer and my co-worker looked at me like I had sprouted antlers. The co-worker re-directed the customer and asked me what I was talking about.

I explained the customer was still listening in. We all ugy a good laugh out of it.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar roots for Milwaukee long after leaving Bucks

Since they were born here in WI, they will hear Milwaukee Wisconsin sm guy looking for long term play eventually I suppose…. Thanks for stopping by and telling your bubbler story! It is more an eastern WI term than state wide. I agree. I grew up in northern IL so I always called them drinking fountains. But Oneida County is more North Central. Free fuck buddies in Breckenridge nc Crosse Wis is the southwestern part of Wisconsin.

We used the term Bubbler growing up. Maybe the younger generation does not use that term now. Here is another Harlan Huckleby who should be remembered by Wisconsinites: