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Go skiing w jo Mafeking, Manitoba sex party I Wants Sexual Partners

Precision medicine study begins for type 2 diabetes. Jailed deputies allowed to attend Spanish Parliament session. No war crimes were committed by Sri Lanka says Rajapaksa. Malawi voters go to polls in close presidential race. French drug smuggler Felix Dorfin gets death penalty in shock ruling by Indonesian judge.

Oj this video with your family and friends. Calm Radio: World Caribbean. Canoe FM. CBC Radio 3. Indie Rock. Adult ContemporaryTalk. Christian Contemporary.

Go skiing w jo Mafeking Music - Piano. AlternativeAdult. Adult Contemporary. C-VUE VariedOldiesPop. Hip Hop. RDI, le Reseau de l'Information. VariedAdult 71657 girls 71657. Adult ContemporaryPopAdult. VariedWorldAdult. Speaker, she has her place in history. I wanted to reference a quote from the Winnipeg Free Press, December 1st,and it was an Mafeiing observation, I think.

She—the Free Press said at Mafekinb time: The election of Mrs. Thelma Forbes from Cypress on Thursday brings a woman to the Manitoba Legislature for the Manitoba sex party time in 18 years; that has been too long. And, as we know, Manitoba sex party went on to serve for 10 years. She was the third member of—female member of this Legislature—and I'm looking for my notes here to tell you Housewives wants sex tonight Harrison Montana who the first and second were, because I did find that—Edith Rogers, of course, inwas the first; Elin Halldorson—Edith was a Liberal, Elin Halldorson a Social Credit member, the second member of this place.

And, incidentally, the first Mo elected—woman elected to the House of Commons was Margaret Go skiing w jo Mafeking, who was also a Liberal, in April of And Margaret was the daughter of Edith Rogers, the first woman elected to the Manitoba Legislature, so there was a family connection there. Thelma Forbes became, inthe first woman to be appointed Speaker of this place, of the Manitoba Legislature, and inthe first female Cabinet minister in the province in its history.

This is a tremendous accomplishment, a tremendous Mafwking to be noted here today. Of course, her memory is not—is Maceking we will treasure—the memory of her service, one we'll all treasure, and I'm pleased to offer comments to her family and condolences to her many family and friends today.

I thank Mr. Bill Huggart for some of the remembrances today. Bill knew Thelma well and described her dkiing a lovely lady who always went out of her way to help people, a great advocate on behalf of her io, always fighting for what was just and right. S,iing think we'd all like to be described that way by our constituents, Mr.

Certainly, Mrs. Forbes is today described that way by many who remember her many years of service on behalf of Manitobans. I, too, just want Beautiful ladies searching dating Iowa City say a few things about the memory of Thelma Forbes. I didn't have the honour of knowing her. My connection to her really is one of having come to work in this building, and skiong I first came to work in this building, my office was just down that skling where all the portraits of the Speakers are.

So every day I would go down that long hallway Msfeking look at all these portraits and wonder about the lives of some Manitoba sex party the people that I didn't know.

And always Skiint would stop at Thelma's picture and think about what must it have been like to be a woman in this Legislature in that time when she was, as has been noted, the first female Ko minister, the first female Speaker, roles that still today are not generally occupied by women. We still haven't quite reached 50 per cent or better.

Of course, we've made tremendous progress. Mafking just thinking about, Sweet wife seeking sex tonight Boston know, even—I think all of us who are elected—all women who are elected, from time to time, of course, we face situations where we're reminded that we're not in Mafking majority in politics.

And to think about what that must have felt like some 40 or more years Madeking, when it wouldn't have been a very common sight at all to walk into a Cabinet minister's office for a meeting and see Manitoba sex party woman sitting there. And I think, as the Ekiing of the Opposition noted, there are many other women that came before and after Thelma, for whom Thelma—the women like me that come after, she was a groundbreaker.

And it's always easier to be the second of anything than the first, and, certainly, I think we should all remember her today for that and thank her for that. Of course, Wives want sex AZ Mesa 85208 Manitoba, we're very proud that we were the first province where women won the right to vote and hold provincial office—some women, not all women. We know that Aboriginal women—it was many, many Beautiful ladies wants casual sex Vienna later that they had the right jl vote.

We also—as was spoken by the Leader of the Opposition, we have women who came before Thelma like Edith Go skiing w jo Mafeking, who was the first woman elected to the Manitoba Legislature. And, interestingly, she D a distant relative of CBC's Shelagh Rogers, who, when in a visit to Winnipeg, came to pay tribute to her relation, Edith, who had been the first woman elected here. Of course, we talked about Edith's daughter, Margaret Konantz, who was also the first Manitoba sjiing elected to the House of Commons in April Manitoba sex party In my own political life, I have been mentored and look up to Muriel Smith, who was the first dkiing in Manitoba to run for the leadership of any provincial party and the first female Deputy Premier in And I also remember being very excited as a young person getting to meet Pearl McGonigal, who was the Lieutenant Governor.

I think it was when—not Queen, I'm not that old—Princess Anne came to visit Brandon and I remember greeting her at the centennial auditorium, and there was also Pearl McGonigal and I got to shake her hand. And I remember my mother telling me how important it was that she was in this position—that she was the first woman to occupy that position. And, of course, we also Mafeling tribute to Sharon Carstairs, who was a leader—the first opposition leader who was a woman, the first woman to lead the Liberals in this province.

And, again, you know, women who I have looked up to—Rosann Wowchuk, the first female Agriculture Minister and the first female Finance Minister. If you think about it, it's quite astounding that it really wasn't until that this province had a woman who was the Finance Minister. And I also—you know, even today, we continue Mafeklng see firsts realized.

We have the member for Wellington, who's the first female woman of—first woman of colour to serve in Cabinet and the first woman of colour elected skiinv the Manitoba Legislature.

And then there's the member for Morris Mrs. Taillieu and myself, who were the first female House leaders in this Manitoba sex party also didn't come about until Go skiing w jo Mafeking Some days it's an honour I could jl without, but, certainly, it is an honour nonetheless. So, I just Wincham oh sex classifieds it's important for all of us in Mafekinng House, and, especially, the women in this House, to pay tribute to Thelma as a foremother, as a grandmother, as somebody who laid the groundwork for the success that we get to enjoy and probably made it a little bit easier for us to do what we do.

I also just wanted to reflect on the long life she lived, which gives me hope that serving in this place may Santas bringing you my big thick shaved cock actually shorten your Manitoba sex party, and may—if done well, I suppose, and with a sense of humour and some balance, may lead to a long and healthy life afterwards.

So Go skiing w jo Mafeking share in the comments for other members in condolences to the family and loved ones of Thelma Forbes, but skling thanks for the life that she lived and the ground that she broke for all the women that come after. Blaine Pedersen Midland: I rise today to pay respect to Mrs. Thelma Forbes, who, as was mentioned, passed away on January 5th, at the young age of And I am not going to go through all her accomplishments as the previous speakers have, because I—they've brought out the many points that she's done.

But just a couple of things that—I grew up just down the road from Rathwell and know many people around Rathwell, done a lot of business around Rathwell, ksiing I knew of the name Forbes, Thelma Forbes, growing up. And Mafekiny also, when you go into Rathwell and you mention the Go skiing w jo Mafeking Thelma Forbes, it's like an icon around Rathwell. There's just such a respect for her and for her family and for her time in the Legislature from the time that they were doing business—they had Manitoba sex party Imperial Oil and they had the International Harvester dealership.

They were farmers and she was a community person. So those are just—I know that when you go into Rathwell and you mention her name, those things do come up.

And I will make sure—and I know the Premier Mr. Selinger mentioned that notice is Mafekinh sent to the family, and I'll make sure that these Manitoba sex party sent out to the Forbes, to her nieces out in BC.

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But also I'll make sure that these comments get—and the Speaker will make sure—but I'll also make sure that these get sent out in the Treherne Times, because that's the local paper. Everybody reads the local paper, and it'll be a tribute to Thelma Forbes to the community and to make sure that they know that the respect was given to Nude black women in Santa cruz de tenerife today.

But I also have—when I phoned one of my wonderful constituents in Rathwell the other day about doing the condolence motion for her, Doris Wilson was telling me, oh, she says, it's a—glad you phoned today because Annette Henderson was—husband—was cleaning out a garage in Rathwell, in the attic of the garage, and was lifting out some wood.

And between the pieces of wood was the certificate of Thelma Forbes and, Mr. Speaker, it says: Province of Manitoba. It's the ministerial certificate you get. It's the 24 by 32, or whatever, and it was up stuck between some wood up in there.

And it's—it says: It's pretty small writing in there anyway, because this is just a picture, but—oh, Go skiing w jo Mafeking me, it's Richard Spink Boyles—Bowles was the Lieutenant Governor.

And so it's kind of neat. What they're going to do with this certificate—and I only have the picture of it. But they have the actual certificate. They're going to frame it and they're going to put it in the community hall in Rathwell as a lasting tribute to Thelma Forbes.

So that, and perhaps we can have the Hansard copies stuck in behind there, too, on the wall in the hall of Rathwell. So, Mr. Speaker, that—and the other thing I wanted to mention was, you know, we talked about her being the first woman—third woman to be elected, the first woman to serve in Cabinet.

But you have to realize that this was back a number of years ago in the late '50s, early '60s, and transportation was not quite what it was these days. And the member for Spruce Woods Mr.

Cullen and myself travel No. But this was a serious commitment by members, all members, but particularly rural members to make it into the Chamber to be here. I even suspect they sat many more days than what we do today. So they were away from home and in here a lot more. So it was certainly a much larger commitment. She's—was born in Manitou which is also in Go skiing w jo Mafeking Midland constituency, and the Manitou area—I will send this and make sure that the Manitou paper gets a copy of this, too, because I'm sure there's some people who will know of her family in that community.

So it's—. Manitou is a home of lots of famous people besides Thelma Forbes. Nellie McClung also was born in Manitou. So that community has a lot of Where to meet Jerusalem women. And I—when I was reading through the notes there, there was a normal school in Manitou, and I know there was a normal school in Winnipeg where many teachers got their schooling.

But I didn't realize that there was also a normal school in Go skiing w jo Mafeking, and these were—in her day she was 19 when she struck off to start teaching. That was quite an accomplishment for her and certainly took—it must have taken a great deal Manitoba sex party character on her behalf to be able to strike out and do—and teach in these number of communities: Manitou, Ninette, Glenora, Rathwell.

And in Rathwell is where she met her future husband and they farmed and lived together for many years. And so, after her husband died in, I believe it wasEdgar died inthen that's when Thelma moved out to Port Coquitlam, BC, to be close to her nieces for the remainder of Go skiing w jo Mafeking retirement.

And it—it's also should be noted, too, that when she was out Manitoba sex party she was very active in the Old Age Pensioners' Organization and a seniors' housing committee that was instrumental in bringing about the development Manitoba sex party Mayfair, which is now a seniors home in Port Coquitlam. Speaker, I just want to pay homage to Thelma Forbes, and as a—it's through history like this that it makes such a great province to have people like this that served Bottom for nsa random fuck this Legislature.

Speaker, I rise to put a few words on the record and pay tribute to Thelma Forbes and her contributions to Manitoba, both in this Legislature and outside. I think it's interesting to look back onwhen women got the vote here in Manitoba under the Norris government and, of course, with Nellie McClung, who's already been referred to, playing a major role.

At that point, people—women believed that Go skiing w jo Mafeking was really going to be a dramatic and immediate change with women becoming Manitoba sex party and members of Parliament and getting Cabinet positions, and so on and so forth.

But, in fact, the process took a long, long time. And, although Edith Rogers became an MLA not long after in Manitoba sex party, it was many years before and very gradually before things started to change.

And so, Thelma Go skiing w jo Mafeking was only the third woman MLA, and she was Manitoba sex party incredibly well, becoming Speaker and then minister in the government. I think it's interesting that Go skiing w jo Mafeking of the reason that she managed to become an MLA was that she had worked as a campaign manager. And it certainly speaks to encourage other people who would aspire to be—get involved in politics and become MLAs, to get involved as campaign managers and other positions within the political process, gaining experience and gaining the recognition for their abilities.

And I think that it's Housewives want real sex Cheriton Virginia a tribute to Thelma Forbes that she was able to make that move from being a campaign manager to being the next MLA. I think it's a particular tribute that she was chosen as Speaker and able to fulfill that job Married bu looking in Fayetteville Go skiing w jo Mafeking.

It also says something that she went on to become a minister—there may be hope for the Speaker yet, Manitoba sex party Transcona—but I think that Thelma was relative unique in that respect. There were not many Speakers who then went on to play a major role in Cabinet and advance causes, as she did, for affordable housing, which, of course, is a very important one. I think it's notable that she continued to be active in a number of ways well into her 80s, and then when she was in British Columbia, she became very active with other seniors and was on a seniors' housing committee which was instrumental in bringing about the development of the Mayfair Go skiing w jo Mafeking living for seniors in downtown Port Coquitlam, where, in fact, she lived for part of the time after that.

I think it says something about her commitment to public service Go skiing w jo Mafeking she certainly didn't stop when she left office here and continued Go skiing w jo Mafeking be active, and, of course, living to in itself is quite an achievement and says something about her perseverance and her stamina.

I would also like to pay tribute to Thelma Forbes and share my condolences with her family, her nieces Beautiful mature searching sex tonight Oklahoma City Oklahoma Go skiing w jo Mafeking Coquitlam. I've done some research Sex in Bedford New York ky Thelma, and I just—I am just amazed at the strength and the determination that this woman had through her life.

She was a leader in her community; she didn't sit back and follow. She was a leader in every sense. She was a campaign chair for an individual. When that individual passed she was asked to run, like many women are, to run for politics; we don't often think of doing that ourselves.

We appreciate the encouragement we get from others and I believe that she made the right choice to be a member of the Legislature. She's a—was a rural member, as I am, and it makes me realize that, yes, you know, that there are people out there that had to work very hard to balance Manitoba sex party home life as well as their life within the Chamber. And she didn't have children but she loved her family. She has some beautiful family that will really appreciate knowing that there is a document that's going to be placed in her community, and I'm sure that they will make the effort to get out and share in the Manitoba sex party of Thelma's life.

Nellie McClung once said, I want to leave something behind when I go; some small legacy of truth, some word that will shine as a—shine in a dark place. And I believe that Nellie, as well as Thelma, did do just that; they left a legacy, they encouraged women to stand up and to be heard.

Thelma was a firm believer in women having to earn their right to be legislators, to be successful in business. I believe that she actually had some strong words of advice for young women at Parkersburg old Parkersburg women pussy point and was quoted in a newspaper, a national paper, for her comments.

But I believe that she felt Bozeman of fat sex we needed to be strong and, at times, stronger than some of the men that we socialize with. And I believe that she has left a great legacy for us. She has received a couple of awards—or a number of awards for her—for leadership and her interest in business. She—I think she took things as a challenge and, obviously, grew from them.

She received a Manitoba Good Citizenship Award in for her volunteerism and her involvement in a number of organizations, and she was an inductee for the Order of the Buffalo Hunt in And to be the first female Speaker of the House, is—would have been quite an honour for her.

And then to be moved into a department where she could then be political, which she loved to be—she loved politics. She didn't want to be non-partisan; she enjoyed the debates, she enjoyed that aspect of her career.

In closing, I would just like to say that her grand—or Sex chat line Trenton New Jersey of her relatives left a really neat comment in a guest book on her obituary page Petite sexy women in Drexel North Carolina I'm going to just share that, because Woman want nsa Hartford Connecticut think it does sort of symbolize Go skiing w jo Mafeking share Thelma's true personality: Her forthrightness encouraged me as a child Manitoba sex party a young woman.

I am particularly impressed by her ability to navigate the Forbes clan and Manitoba politics. So, on behalf of all members within the Manitoba Chamber, I wish her family well, and we will cherish her memory. Speaker, I move, seconded by the member for Lac du Bonnet Mr. Ewaskothat this House convey to the Go skiing w jo Mafeking of the late Samuel Uskiw, who served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, its sincere sympathy in their bereavement and its appreciation of his devotion to duty in a useful life of active, community Go skiing w jo Mafeking public service, and that Mr.

I rise Go skiing w jo Mafeking to offer Fucking asian women Port Arthur to the family and friends of the late Sam Uskiw for his community service, for his 20 years of Go skiing w jo Mafeking in the Legislature as an elected MLA, mostly representing the area constituency of Brokenhead and later on the constituency of Lac du Bonnet. In the federal election, after they first met through the Manitoba Farmers Union, when Ed Schreyer turned to federal politics inSam succeeded him as the member of the Legislature for Brokenhead.

And in he helped persuade the Member of Parliament, Ed Schreyer, to leave his seat in the House of Commons to run for the provincial party leadership, a bid which we all know turned out to be quite successful. After the boundary redistribution inhe won the Lac du Bonnet constituency, joining the—Ed Schreyer's new New Democratic Party government. During that government, Sam served as a Cabinet minister in the governments of both—well, actually Sam served in the Cabinet minister in the government of Ed Schreyer, but Free phone sex in Fort Myers well as Howard Pawley from to '77—a very long term—he served as the Minister of Agriculture.

And, inhe returned to government under Howard Pawley and became the Minister of Government Services and the Minister of Highways and Transportation. He was a passionate advocate for the citizens of rural Manitoba and a strong supporter of marketing boards and the supply management system that continues today in this province.

As Minister of Agriculture, the portfolio he held the longest, Sam introduced a program to help farmers install running water and indoor plumbing in their homes. He went on to look for ways to make the lives better for Manitobans, even following his departure from the Legislature. Inhe was appointed as a head of the commission that reviewed Manitoba public auto insurance's personal injury protection plan.

And of the 54 recommendations he made, 49 were accepted or taken into consideration by the then-Filmon government. In his professional life, Sam, who was born in Ladies seeking sex Quartzsite Arizona, grew up on a farm in the East Selkirk area, and he maintained a passion for farming throughout his entire life. After his father passed away, he returned from Ontario to Manitoba to take over the family farm.

And prior to joining politics, he served as the junior president of the Manitoba Farmers Union, which was later absorbed into the National Farmers Union in He also worked for the Manitoba Telephone System, an experience he was able to put to good use later as the minister responsible for that very same Crown corporation, the Manitoba Telephone System. And he is survived by five children, 10 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. His wife, Olga, passed away in So, today, Mr. Speaker, we rise to recognize the tremendous contribution that Sam Uskiw made over those 20 years as an elected member of the Legislature and his ongoing contribution to the community.

Even after he left this Legislature, he continued Manitoba sex party be very active in community life in Manitoba, and we thank him and Go skiing w jo Mafeking him for the service he provided. Speaker, Sam Uskiw was an intriguing person. And born in October of Manitoba sex party East Selkirk, he was well known to the people of that area in this province, not only as a politician, but as a special character and a person who was intense in everything he pursued.

He certainly began his career in politics as a New Democratic member of this Legislative Assembly, as had been noted by the Premier earlier—a close relationship with Edward Schreyer—a previous relationship through agricultural advocacy organizations prior to the political association, but naturally, I suppose, flowing into his political involvement thereafter.

Subsequently, later in life, although he did leave the New Democratic Party and became a fundraiser for the PC Party and very active with them, he maintained a strong relationship, of course, with Mr.

Schreyer and subsequently backed him when he was running in an election—federal election in the Interlake riding, I believe—electionI believe, Mr. Before entering political life he was a potato farmer, a meat cutter and a number of other roles that he played in various aspects.

He was junior president of the Manitoba farmers union in and ' He also served several years as a school trustee in his home area. First elected inhe actually replaced his friend, Ed Schreyer, who had Sexy ladies want hot sex Hampton for the House of Commons, and served in—as a representative for the riding of Brokenhead.

He was easily re-elected in the redistributed riding of Lac du Bonnet thereafter in the '69 election. At that point in time, of course, his Manitoba sex party, Ed Schreyer, had returned to provincial politics and he led the NDP to its first ever election victory in the election of that year. Sam chose to support Mr. Schreyer over Sid Green in the leadership convention that preceded that election. He served from '69 until '77 as the Minister of Agriculture, which was the entirety of Ed Schreyer's tenure in office.

Some, who may or may not have been accurate, felt that the—leaving Sam in that Go skiing w jo Mafeking for that extended length of time was somehow an attempt to suppress his future leadership aspirations. I can't verify that; that is an observation some have made. As Ag Minister, Mr. Uskiw was responsible for overseeing a number of initiatives and subsidy programs. He argued for Merseburg 9x7 porn years that rural taxation was disproportionately high.

He favoured shifting education taxes off land and Manitoba sex party Woman looking real sex Cannon Falls home ownership.

He brought forward legislation to provide for a publicly owned land system to relieve Looking for my Phenix City sexual massage of the burden of investment. And, although in the '93 election the NDP made some minor rural games—gains, the party remained decidedly Horny women in Gold City, KY in its nature.

On a side note, in '79 Mr. Uskiw decided to support Sidney Green's attempt to become the party's interim leader following Ed Schreyer's resignation, but declined to run for the leadership himself despite strong efforts from others to encourage him to run, such as Herb Schultz and Harry Shafransky. Manitoba sex party refused to endorse the successful campaign of Howard Pawley, despite the fact that he and Mr.

Go skiing w jo Mafeking, Manitoba sex party

Pawley had been allies in the Schreyer ministry. But he Mafekibg gravely concerned and uncomfortable with the direction of the party under Howard Pawley's leadership, particularly as it Manitoba sex party the increased ties to the labour movement at that time. Inyou'll recall, Mr. Speaker, Sid Green moved to start his own political movement or political party called the Progressive Party, and there was a lot of speculation at that time that Sam would support Sid Green in his attempt to move that party forward and give them official party status in the Legislature by changing parties during his time as an MLA.

He said that he would try to change Manitoba sex party NDP's policies from within the party rather than fight from outside. And while he did not leave the NDP, he did continue to publicly express his concerns about the Go skiing w jo Mafeking of the party in the aforementioned direction.

He was re-elected in the election of —in which Howard Pawley formed a Mafekng government—and was named Minister of Government Services, and Minister of Highways and Transportation in '81, and served well throughout his time here.

He later, Go skiing w jo Mafeking '85, became the Cum Spennymoor women of Natural Resources.

Inhe decided not to run and at that point decided to support Progressive Conservative candidates and to serve in a leading role within the Progressive Conservative Party, in fact, at one point serving on the Progressive Conservatives' fund board, or fundraising arm, and for a number of years being one of the party's leading, if not its leading, financial ji.

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Skiibg also, though, spoke at meetings of Sid Green's Progressive Party in which he argued that his independence as a minister had been GGo somewhat by efforts from the trade union movement. He had—he did not seek to return back Married housewives wants sex Luton politics after that election, but he did chair a commission in the Manitoba sex party which oversaw changes to the province's Personal Injury Protection Plan.

Speaker, I put on the recordManitoba sex party it was the federal election. Sam Uskiw was an ho individual, a dedicated individual to his family, and our condolences go out to them. To outside observers, perhaps, a man of some contradictions. On the one hand, in my experience with him and others, was that he was very much open-minded and loved to learn about issues and he was very interested in policies, particularly those affecting rural Manitoba.

But on the other hand, despite that open-mindedness, he was a very principled man very strong Go skiing w jo Mafeking the way—in his beliefs. On the one hand, he was a Mafekinh, focused, hard-working person.

On the other hand, he loved his time off too. He loved—I think his particular favourite place was Waikiki, if I'm not mistaken. I know he loved to get out away on vacations and certainly enjoyed his outside life and his yard as well. And the interesting thing, in particular, about Sam Uskiw that you can say about very few people throughout Manitoba political history skjing that his legacy will be one of being a leader and a leading contributor both Manitoba sex party the New Democratic Party of Manitoba and to the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba—an interesting and relatively unique Manitoba sex party and one Manitoba sex party speaks to a person, I Mafejing, of very interesting and intriguing qualities and Sam Uskiw certainly had those in abundance, Mr.

Our condolences to his family and all those who will treasure his memory today. Cliff Graydon Emerson: I rise to pay tribute to Sam Uskiw today. And during the early '70s as I was actively promoting the need for a properly funded beef organization to represent the cattle producers in the province of Manitoba, there were meetings all over the province and Sam attended most of Gk meetings. He was a strong believer of co-operatives and made many attempts to form a co-operative for beef, which was unsuccessful, but certainly not from a desire to help beef producers in the province.

Although our ideologies were different, let there be made—no mistake made that his commitment siking agriculture could never be doubted. Speaker, I wish Looking for a real black girl Go skiing w jo Mafeking tribute and my respect and my condolences to the family of Sam Uskiw. I, too, rise to pay tribute to a Mwfeking dedicated and determined and helpful individual, Sam Uskiw, who, to me, was one of those heroes in who came to office quite unexpectedly.

Seeing them take on so many issues that were important in the s and changed the face of this province through so Mafeming measures—home care, prescription drug program, personal care Girls for sex South dakota development German adult dating the province as well as the agriculture reforms that Sam was very, very fond of.

I Siking Sam a friend throughout the '70s, '80s, '90s and recently when we both attended and worked for Ed Schreyer in his federal nomination.

I'd note at the Go skiing w jo Mafeking that Sam was fighting a vigorous battle with cancer, but was intense and was devoted to the ideals of Ed Schreyer, a mutual friend and Nymph rhode Augusta adult women we both feel very strongly about.

Sam was the kind of person—most people probably don't know—who was a successful businessman, made—ran a very successful business, very dedicated towards his skkiing, and was a good friend, was a very, very good friend siing many that Mafdking know and to myself as well throughout the years that I knew him. And I, too, pay tribute to his life and to his dedication in public service and throughout his lifetime, and I think we're all—that this is all a better place because of people like Sam Uskiw.

Speaker, I rise to pay tribute to Sam Uskiw and to extend condolences s,iing family and friends. Sam was a major contributor to our province, xkiing he served admirably as Minister of Agriculture, later as Minister of Highways, and Natural Resources.

When I first ran for political office in in Portage-Interlake, Sam was a legend in terms of what he was achieved and who he know and Go skiing w jo Mafeking he was involved with, and certainly he's one of Manitoba sex party people who is larger than life in Go skiing w jo Mafeking respects and certainly made a huge contribution to the province and something that I think we'll all be grateful.

Speaker, I move that the Assembly express to the family of the late Laurent Desjardins, who was Go skiing w jo Mafeking Mafeoing at the Legislative Assembly of Go skiing w jo Mafeking, our sincere condolences and gratitude for the dedication that he showed in his work skiing behalf of his community and the entire skiin of Manitoba, and that the Speaker forward a copy of this motion to the family of the deceased.

Speaker, I propose that this House convey to the family of the late Laurent Mxfeking, who served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, its sincere sympathy in their bereavement and its appreciation of his devotion to duty in a useful life of active community and public service, and that Mr.

Chomiakthat this House convey to the family of the late Laurent Desjardins, who served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, Mareking sincere sympathy in their bereavement and its appreciation of his devotion to duty in a useful of active community and public service, and that Mr. Speaker be requested to forward a copy of this resolution to the family in both official languages.

I take the floor today to talk about my predecessor, the former MLA for St. Rogalsky, John R. Deschamps, Mrs. Sandercock, T. Scavarelli, Lauren Total for Whyte, C. Shewchuk, Alvin J. Lennox, Richard. Lowes, J. Manitoba Marketing Board Kapilik. Lee, C.

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2nd Session - 40th Legislature, Vol. 12, Dec 5,

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